Principal's Message

Dear Colleagues, Parents, Students, Teachers, Alumni and Well Wishers

Retrospection radiant with gratitude is the most indefectible tour de force when an institution engages in an academic cartography for the morrow. Providential Grace galore showered on us was instrumental in aggrandizing St. Thomas College, Palai, in the arena of higher learning in India. The concerted effort of the Management, faculty, administrative staff and students shouldered the institution on to the commendable feat of being identified last year as a Centre with Potential for Excellence (CPE) for the second phase allotment of funds by the University Grants Commission.

We proved our mettle through organizing mammoth events like International Seminars in Physics and Chemistry and All India Inter-University Volleyball Tournament besides numerous other programmes of momentous import. Gratifying it is to see that unfathomable benignity and solicitude evinced by all our great benefactors including and Founder Patron H.E. Mar Sebastian Vayalil, former Patron H.E. Mar Joseph Pallickaparampil, present Patron H.E. Mar Joseph Kallarangatt, our Manager H.E. Mar Jacob Muricken and Pro-Manager Rev. Msgr. Joseph Kollamparampil have made St.Thomas one of the top echelon colleges in India.

Our illustrious alumni, dedicated parents and well-acclaimed teachers of yesteryears also deserve a share of encomia the college now receives for its nonpareil accomplishments. But the true architects of this glory are Dr. Sunny Joseph and Rev. Dr. James John Mangalathu who steered the institution during 2015-2017 as Principal and Vice Principal respectively. Dr. Sunny Joseph retired from service on 31 March 2017 after leading us to the safe haven of excellence and Rev. Dr. James John Mangalathu continues as the adjuvant helmsman leading us forward to newer and loftier aretes. To be etched in golden letters is the highly estimable service rendered by Rev. Fr. Mathew Kurian Kavanadimalayil who has been our Bursar since 2009. His relentless efforts in fortifying our infrastructure have been behind all the accolades we received in the past decade.

My Principalship is solidly planted on the achievements of all my predecessors. My earnest ambition is to outstrip our present status as a Centre with Potential for Excellence and scale the coveted summit of a Centre with Excellence. That promised land genially beckons us and we cannot lag sluggishly. True fellowship and committed team work are the essential concomitants for success of that magnitude. We must be eager to take upon ourselves more responsibilities. Times are changing. Needs are changing. Inevitably we must also change. As an educational institution, St. Thomas College, Palai is not at all enticed by mediocrity. Pursuit of excellence is our forte. Productive use of resources is what we envisage in our journey towards superbness. The great American poet Robert Frost sang: “The world is full of willing people, some willing to work, the rest willing to let them”. My fellow travellers, let us always strive to belong to the former category and never to the latter.

Our college bagged an A-grade in the NAAC re-accreditation of 2015. But we must not rest nonchalantly upon it. We must shrug off complacency and strive for higher goals. As of now, our college has gained ample academic brilliance and infrastructural strength. Our academic output is quite impressive. Besides the colossal edifices with all modern amenities and leading-edge facilities, the college can now flaunt a titanic a la mode sports complex housing an Olympic-standard swimming pool, capacious indoor stadium and sundry indoor courts. Nestled in the idyllic town of Palai, caressed by the fragrant breeze emanating from the lambent, crystalline waters of the Meenachil river, St. Thomas College is a veritable abode of erudition. Erected upon true Christian values and ideals, in its sixty seven years of existence the institution has nurtured the society providing knowledge and spiritual sustenance to all categories of people. Now the college is an academic hub with numerous Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes, training facilities for competitive examinations including civil services and plenteous boarding facilities for outstation scholars. Research opportunities provided by the diverse disciplines and ancillary library facilities can vie with any premier institution.

As the German poet Goethe said, we must be enamoured not by the shimmer of the little done, but by the dazzling sheen of the vast undone. New unconquered vistas lie ahead. For all the members of St. Thomas academic fraternity, may the coming year be a time to conquer heretofore uncharted academic terrains. Let us all, staff and students, make it laurels all the way for our puissant cynosure of letters, our dear St. Thomas!


Dr. Joy George