Christu Raj Hostel (C R) is a sprawling three-storey structure located at the east end of the college campus on the banks of the Meenachil. Founded in 1953, C R has 85 double occupancy rooms for men where 150 undergraduate students and 20 postgraduate students may be accommodated. C R is a unit of St Thomas College Palai Educational Trust and it enjoys autonomy in respect to its internal administration under the overall supervision of the Board of Trustees. The hostel is administered by a warden appointed by the Bishop of Palai and he is assisted by an assistant warden and a resident tutor.

Warden: Rev. Fr. Mathew Alapattumedayil 04822/212808 9446126683

Asst Warden: Rev. Fr. Joseph Pallackal 9496336032

Resident Tutor: Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Vadakkethakidiel 9446028918