Ethics Committee

As per G.O. No. 1102/05 dt. 24-06-05 a committee with the following members is formed to ensure ethics in the use of IT resources and conduct of cultural activities. They will form the squad for surprise checking of mobile phones, unethical pamphlets, books, CD’s etc. They are empowered to confiscate any such things and report the matter to the Principal at the earliest.


Chairman Dr. K.K. Jose, Principal
Vice Chairman Rev. Fr. N.V. Joseph,Vice Principal
Co-ordinator : Sri. Tom Thomas, PTA President
Convenor Jogy Alex, Staff Secretary
Members Rev. Fr. Mathew Kurian, Bursar, Dr. Sunny Mathew (NSS)
Dr. P. D. George (NCC)
Dr. Alex Thannippara (Syndicate Member, M.G. University)
Ms. Soumya (Women’s Forum teacher-in-charge)
College Union Vice chairperson (Student representative)