St. Thomas College Staff Co-operative Society

The Society aims at the promotion of thrift, and mutual help. Membership is open to the Staff of St. Thomas College, Alphonsa College, and St. Thomas Training College, Pala. The Society offers two types of membership:  (1) class A - for the permanent employees of the three colleges. (2) Class B - for the retired employees and family members of A/B class members. The major functions of the Society include the granting of loans, accepting deposits and conducting GDCS. At present the members are eligible for loans up to Rs. 3 lakhs for 60 months and a housing loan of Rs.5 lakhs for 10 years. The society also offers scholarships to the outstanding children of its members. Dr. K.M Kurian (Dept. of Statistics) is the Hon. President & Mr. Paul V Karanthanam, (Dept. of Botany), is the Hon. Secretary.