Departmental Journals :
         Understanding Manipravalam, The Poetry of Kerala
Dr. Siby James, Department of English, has published his research work under the title Understanding Manipravalam: The Poetry of Kerala, India (Hardbound; Price $ 109.95). It is published by Edwin Mellen Press, an international publisher in the USA, UK and Canada.
Research Publications:

    • T.J. Abraham; "Levinas and Ecology", Journal Dharma, 2009.
    • Joy Jacob; 'Anger Against Grand Narratives", Research Lines. June 2009.
    • Joy Jacob; 'A Lady Oracle in the Wild; Eco-Ferninist Ethos in Margret Atwood's Novels", Research Lines, December 2009.
    • Joy Jacob, "Politics of Gender in Travel Writing", Research Lines, June 2010.