College Union

St. Thomas College has a vibrant College Union organized with the following objectives:

  1. To train the students of the college in the parliamentary democracy so that they may be responsible future citizens of India, aware of their duties, responsibilities and rights.
  2. To promote opportunities for the development of character, leadership, efficiency and spirit of service among students.
  3. To organize debates, seminars, work squads, touring parties so that the students may acquire knowledge on current topics and develop a deep thinking about them.
  4. To encourage extracurricular activities that are conducive to the above objectives.

The election to the college union will be conducted on the parliamentary model as per para 6.2.4 of the J.M.Lyngdoh Commission Report and order passed by the Supreme Court of India in SLP No. 24295/2004. The college union will have a students’ general council and an executive. All students are members of the students’ general council. In order to conduct election to the executive council, an electoral council consisting of two elected representatives from each class will be formed. The Electoral council will elect the executive committee consisting of the following office bearers: the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, General Secretary, University Union Councillors, Magazine Editor and the Arts Club Secretary. There shall be a Secretary of sports who will be nominated by the committee consisting of the Principal, The Head of the Dept. of Physical Education and the Staff Advisor of the students’ council. An SC/ST representative also will be nominated, if there is no SC/ ST among those elected to the executive. One member representing the students of each degree and P.G. classes elected by and from among the student representatives of the respective years in the electoral council will also represent in the executive council. Two Lady representatives will also be there elected by and from among the lady representatives in the students general council. The language secretaries of Malayalam, English and Hindi will function as assistant editors for the respective sections of the college magazine. The candidates contesting to the electoral council should possess a minimum of 75% attendance in the previous year (except in the case of first year students) and should have passed all the examinations held so far. Those who were granted condonation   of attendance in the previous year are not eligible to contest in the election. Similarly, anyone against whom disciplinary action of any kind has been taken (inside or outside the campus, civil or criminal) ipso facto stands debarred from contesting elections to electoral council. Students are forbidden to contest in the Union election on the label of student organizations.
Various departmental associations based on the students’ optional subject are also functioning under the college union. The office-bearers of these associations will be elected by the members under the supervision of the Department Heads.
The Principal is the ex-officio Treasurer and patron of the College Union. Expenses for the activities of the college union require prior sanction of the principal and the college union advisor.