St. Thomas College shows utmost interest in bringing out the creative and research oriented musings of the faculty, Research scholars and the students through a number of publications and journals.

(International Journal)  (St.Thomas Academic Research and Studies)

STARS is an interdisciplinary research journal of the College. It is published on a half- yearly basis in order to promote in-depth study in various disciplines and to disseminate the wealth of knowledge to scholars and laymen. Dr. K.K. Jose (HOD of Statistics) is the Chief Editor of the Journal. 


St. Thomas College 

St. Thomas College Newsletter is published annually towards the end of each academic year. The aim of the Newsletter is to highlight the tidings, accomplishments and achievements of each academic year, so as to explore an infinity of new possibilities and to confer positive strokes on the academic community of the College. Dr. G.D. Gem Mathew (Department of Chemistry) is the Executive Editor of the Newsletter.


The Thomist, the Annual of the College Union, is meant to promote the creativity of the students. It contains stories, poems, articles etc. by the students and the faculty. Photographs of outstanding students and of various functions in the campus add glitter to it. In addition, it contains the Principal’s annual report, College Union report and reports of other bodies in the College such as NSS, NCC etc. 

Sodh Kshitij 

Hindi Research Journal

A scholarly half-yearly research journal, Sodh Kshitij, is published by the Post Graduate and Research Department of Hindi of the College since 1994. The journal is published with the financial support of the UGC. It is recognized as a standard journal by the P.G. Board of Studies of Kerala University. Dr. K.M. Mathew (Head of the Department of Hindi) is the Chief Editor of the journal.


(Journal of the Malayalam Department)

The Postgraduate and Research Department of Malayalam publishes a quarterly review titled Navasahiti for promoting creative writing and research among teachers, the non-teaching staff and students. Dr. Baby Thomas (Department of Malayalam) is the Chief Editor.

Malayala Sabdam

Malayala Sabdam is a unique campus tabloid published by the staff and students of the Malayalam Department. It provides a vivid cross section of the campus life in the College. Mr. Shine Thomas is the Managing Editor and Mr. Praveen M.R. is the Chief Editor.

The Spectator

The Spectator is a campus newspaper brought out by the students of B.A. Communicative English Course. This enterprising initiative is characterized by novelty, originality and creativity. The journalistic abilities of the students are given expression through this tabloid. Mr. Rahul Rajan is the Editor.

Research-level Books from the Dept. of Statistics

The Department of Statistics has published three research-level books during the current year.
1. Dr. K.K. Jose, Dr. Alex Thannippara and Dr. Sebastian George (Ed.); Recent Advances in Statistical Theory and Applications, STC Publishers, Pala, Kerala, 2005.
2. Dr. K.K. Jose and Dr. Alice Thomas; Marshall-Olkin Family of Distribution: Applications in Time Series Modelling and Reliability, 
JC Publications, Palakkadu, Kerala, 2005.
3. Dr. K.K. Jose; Non-Gaussian Time Series Models for Agricultural 
Crop Prices and the Impact of W.T.O. Regime, STC

Mayooram is the manuscript magazine published by the Women’s Forum of the College. The magazine provides an opportunity for displaying the literary and artistic talents of the lady students of the College.
Geometric Exponential Distributions: Generalizations and Applications
Dr. K.K. Jose (Former Head of the Department of Statistics and current Principal) has published his latest research-level book titles “Geometric Exponential Distributions: Generalizations and Applications” during the current year. The book provides a rigorous introduction to geometric exponential laws as well as their generalizations and applications with special emphasis on autoregressive time series modeling. It is published by Lambert Academic Publishers, Germany (ISBN 978-38383-0746-6), paperback, Price:  € 49.00/$70.00
From Angst to Mukti: A Study of the Novels of Walker Percy
Dr. Joy Jacob (Department of English) has published his research work under the research work under the title “From Angst to Mukti: A Study of the Novels of Walker Percy”. The book is an in-depth study of the novels of Walker Percy, a protestant turned catholic. The book studies how the percian characters travel from the world of angst, alienation and existential dilemma to a redeemed world through inter subjectivity. It is published by I-Proclaim Press, an international publisher in Pittsburgh, USA (Paperback, price $30.00).
Three Books by Prof. M.M. Abraham
Prof. M.M. Baraham (HOD of Commerce) has authored and published three books for the benefit of II semester B.Com students during the current year. They are ‘Corporate Regulations and Governance’. Business Communication and Management Information System and Principles of Insurance. The books are published by Prakash Publications, Changanacherry.
Complementary Chemistry
The book titled ‘Complementary Chemistry’ is authored by Dr. G.D. Gem Mathew and Dr. Jose K. Xavier (Department of Chemistry). It caters to the needs of the students of I and II semester B.Sc Degree programme having chemistry as one of their complementary subjects. The aim of the book is to provide an insight into some of the fundamental concepts and principles that are very essential in the study of chemistry. The book (ISBN: 81-88656-75-X) is published by Vishal Publishing Co., Jalandhar-New Delhi.
Complementary Physics
The book titled ‘Complementary Physics’ is authored by Dr. Ison V. Vanchipurackal (Department of Physics), for the I & II semester B.Sc. Students of Mahatma Gandhi University having Physics as one of their complementary subjects. Meticulous care has been taken to present the subject matter in a simple and comprehensive manner as per the revised CBCSS scheme and syllabus. The book is published by Lily Publishing House, Changancherry.