SCIENTIA –Intercollegiate Science Project Competition

The Research and Postgraduate Department of Chemistry is organising an Intercollegiate Science Project Competition ‘SCIENTIA’ on 10 March 2017.


Students and their projects are judged on their own merit in meeting the Criteria for Judging rather than in comparison to other Students or research projects.

1.       The project should be based on a science topic either of fundamental or applied nature.

2.       The work presented should be original in its content.

3.       The novelty of the work, presentation skill and the way of answering questions will be evaluated by the judges.

4.       Each student's presentation will be judged on its own merit in meeting the Criteria for Judging rather than in competition with other students.

5.       The presentation will not exceed a maximum time limit of ten (10) minutes and will be given proper notice by a timekeeper. No reduction in score will be given for a presentation of less than ten (10) minutes. Presentations exceeding ten (10) minutes will not receive a first place award, regardless of score. There will be a grace period of approximately 10 - 15 seconds before this penalty is applied.

6.       Presentation specifics:

1.       A student shall not be interrupted during his/her presentation.

2.       Any two-dimensional representation (charts, pictures, graphs, posters, slides, projections etc.) may be used to enhance and supplement the talk, but not to replace the speaker.

3.       No materials may be passed to the judges during the presentation.

7.       Upon completion of the presentation the student may be questioned BY THE JUDGES for a time period of NOT MORE THAN 5 MINUTES. Judges may ask questions to seek clarification of a student’s methods, conclusions, and/or understanding. It is inappropriate for judges to criticize or comment on a student’s project.

8.       The student should be a regular UG/PG student of any one of the colleges/universities of Kerala.


Date and Time: 10.03.2017; 01.30 PM

Venue: Library Hall

For more details contact : 9745180355

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20 February 2017

The Research and Postgraduate Department of Chemistry is organising an All Kerala Inter Collegiate Science Quiz Competition ‘SCIENTIA – 3’ on 20 February 2017.

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I Prize : Rs. 5000.00


II Prize : Rs. 3000.00


III Prize : Rs. 2000.00


Consolation Prizes


Registration Fee : Rs. 100.00

Date and Time

Date                :           20.02.2017

Registration     :           09.30 am to 10.50 am

Preliminary      :           11.00 am

Final                :           01.30 pm

Venue              :           College Auditorium


Dr. Thomas V. Mathew                 : 9745180355


Website / Online registration:    


General Science

General Instructions

  1. A team comprising of two students can participate representing a college.
  2. Students from the host college are not allowed to participate.
  3. The online registration form may be duly filled in and submit before 7.00 PM on 19 February 2017, . The registration form is available in the college website:
  4. The participants must bring a letter of identification from the Principal / Head of the Institution
  5. Registration fee:  ` 100.00 per team.
  6. Lunch will be provided to the registered participants.
  7. The Quiz competition will be conducted in two rounds – a preliminary round and a final round. For the final round, five top ranking teams from the preliminary round will be selected.
  8.          The decision of the Quiz Master will be final and binding on all the participants.


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