Department of Malayalam

The PG and Research Department of Malayalam  St. Thomas College Palai has a rich history, having started with the college in 1950. It has offered various programs over the years, including a BA program with 60 sanctioned seats starting in 1959, an MA program with 15 sanctioned seats starting in 1995, and a Ph.D. program starting in 1996.

The department has been blessed with the guidance of esteemed professors such as Prof.Elias, Rev.Fr. John Mattam (Late) ,Prof. D. Ouseph (Late) ,Rev.Fr. P.F. Kuriakose (Late) ,Prof. P.C.  Devasia ,Prof. Joseph  Mattam (Late) ,Prof. C.J. Sebastian (Late),Prof. R.S.  Varmaji ,Prof. M. Mathai ,Prof. K.P. Augusthy ,Prof.A.K. Joseph ,Dr. M. Gopalakrishnan Nair ,Dr.P.A. Joseph ,Dr.P.J. Sebastian ,Dr. Baby Thomas ,Dr.C.T.Francis(Sanskrit) ,Dr.Babu Sebastian ,Rev.Fr.Baby Sebastian Thonikuzhy ,Dr.Sabu de Mathew. These individuals have contributed significantly to the development and growth of the department.

The department’s vision is “What we learned may shine,” emphasizing the importance of knowledge and its impact. Its mission is centered around “Communal harmony and Cultural solidarity,” highlighting its commitment to promoting harmony and solidarity through its academic endeavors.

The department has had the privilege of hosting special sessions with expert poets, critics, and lyricists of Malayalam, including Sukumar Azhikoode (Critic),V.Madhusoodhanan Nair,(Poet))  Chandramathi,(Short story writer) Subhash Chandran, (Short story writer) N.S Madhavan(Short story writer),Rafeek Ahammed,( Poet) K.J Baby, (Novelist)Thanuja Bhattathiri, (Short story writer) Dr.P.K Rajasekharan(Critic),Kuriyas Kumbalakkuzy,( Critic )M.Thomas Mathew,( Critic) Kureepuzha Sreekumar, Sreekumaran Thampi(Lyricists), Vayalar Sarachandra Varma,( Lyricists )K Jayakumar(Lyricists) ,Ezacherry Ramachanran, (Poet )Blessy,(Director)Usha Nangyar(Artist),D.Vinayachandran(Poet) ,Sajitha Madathil,(Activist)S.Joseph, (Poet )Shihabudeen Poythukkadavu(Short story writer),Kalamandalam Haidharali, (Kadhakali (Artist) Kalamandalam Gopi(Kadhakali Artist),Bhadran(Director),D.Santhosh(Poet),Margi Madhu(Artist).B.S Wariyer, T.P Sasthamangalam(Critic),Licy Mathew,( Critic )Dr.N Ajayakumar,( Critic )K.G George(Director),P.S Radhakrishnan,( Critic ),C.J Roy(Critic), and many others. These sessions have enriched the academic environment and provided students with valuable insights into the Malayalam language and literature.

The department is actively involved in organizing various programs such as seminars, workshops, film festivals, and Malayalasamajam activities. These initiatives help in fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Malayalam language and culture among students and the community at large.

In addition to its academic activities, the department also publishes a magazine called “Navasahithy” and a newspaper called “Malayalasabdum.” These publications serve as platforms for students and faculty to showcase their literary talents and engage in meaningful discourse on various topics related to Malayalam language and literature.

Currently, the department has 8 faculty members and 7 research guides. It has awarded 32 Ph.D.s, reflecting its commitment to promoting research and scholarship in the field of Malayalam studies. Overall, the PG and Research Department of Malayalam at St. Thomas College Palai continues to play a vital role in preserving and promoting the rich heritage of the Malayalam language and literature.

Department Of Malayalam