Research Projects

Principal Investigator & Co-InvestigatorTitle of the ProjectFunding AgencyPeriod (From – To)Amount (in Rs.)
Dr.K K JoseA new class of Asymmetric Distributions and their applicationsKSCSTE2015-1815 Lakhs
Dr. Ginson P JosephThird order nonlinear optical properties and optical switching in CdSe/CdTe polythiophene nanocompositesSERB2015-1825.35Lakhs
Dr. Ginson P JosephDevelopment of Frequency Doubling thiocyanate complex and its Lewis base adduct crystals for optoelectronic devicesCSIR2016-1917.71 Lakhs
Sunny KuriakoseLight Harvesting and Related Phenomena in Nanoparticle Dispersed Dendritic MacromoleculesDST2006 - 200910.82 Lakhs
Sunny Kuriakose -Co PIDevelopment of a Computer Programme for Researchers in Discrete Mathematical ChemistryDST2008 - 20112.70 Lakhs
Dr. Ison V.VanchipurackalOrganic solar cell: optimizing hetero junction morphologyMIT,Govt.of India.2012 - 2014Expenditure is fully supported by the Govt.
Dr. Ison V.VanchipurackalFunctionalization and colloidal processing of morphology and composition controlled PbX (X=S, Se) nanocrystals and investigating their inter-coupling for quantum dot sensitized solar cellsDST2011 - 201418.04 Lakhs
Dr. Ginson P JosephStudies on the electrical, thermal and non-linear optical properties of Metal Substituted and swift heavy ion irradiated organometallic photonic Crystals.DST2010-201320 Lakhs
Dr. Vincent MathewStudy of Electromagnetic Fields and Propagation in Ferroelectric and Multiferroic Waveguide StructuresUGC2009 - 20117.508 Lakhs
Dr. Vincent MathewAnalysis and simulation of plasmonic waveguide structures for subwavelength applications.DST2009 - 201119.02 Lakhs
Dr. Vincent MathewOn wave propagation in superconducting multilayers and waveguide structuresKSCSTE2008 - 20113.97 Lakhs
Dr K.K.JoseMarshal Olkin Generalized Distributions and their Applications.UGC2012 - 20159.95 Lakhs
Dr. Siby JamesThe Rasa of Deconstruction and the Deconstruction of Rasa Post-Theory and Trans -epistemic PraxesUGC2007 - 20104.884 Lakhs
Dr. K.V. Thomas (principal Investigator)
Bobby Simon (Co- Investigator)
Microfinance-An Alternative Approach to Financial Inclusion, Women Empowerment and Sustainable Income Generation-A Case Study of Kudumbasree Initiative in KeralaUGC20096.242 Lakhs
Dr. Jomy AugustineEthnomedicinal Studies on Tribes and Local Traditional Health Practitioners of Kottayam and Idukki Districts, Kerala.DST2006 - 20099.41 Lakhs
Dr. Dennis Thomas T.In vitro conservation and reproductive biology of Pittosporum tetraspermum an endangered medicinal plant from Western GhatsUGC2010 - 20124.11 Lakhs

Industry Sponsored Major Project

Principal Investigator & Co-InvestigatorTitle of the ProjectFunding AgencyPeriod (From – To)Amount (in Rs.)
Dr Ratheesh MValue added formulation of Ayurvedic drug sheerabala by using Virgin Coconut Oil and its Therapeutic effects on Arthritis.Coconut Development Board2013 - 201520.9 Lakhs
TitleCostDurationDate of SanctionName of Funding Agencies
Health beneficial pharmacological activities of the formulations of natural bioactive: possible role in Inflammatory/antioxidant signaling pathways.Rs. 4,05,900Two year2017-2019An industry linked collaborative project with AKAY FLAVOURS & AROMATICS PVT. LTD. COCHIN, INDIA
Isolation, Characterization & Evaluation of Bioavailibity of Resveratrol from Peanut SkinRs. 2,47,5006 months2018An industry linked collaborative project (MoU with GLOWDERMA LAB PVT LTD., Mumbai INDIA)
kerabala, an ayurvedic formulation and evaluates its anti-arthritic effectRs. 84,0003 months2019An industry linked collaborative project (MoU with GLOWDERMA LAB PVT LTD., Mumbai INDIA)
Preparation of Kerabala, an anti-arthritic Formulation (Second phase preparation)Rs. 1,28,7966 months2020An industry linked collaborative project (MoU with GLOWDERMA LAB PVT LTD., Mumbai INDIA)
Preparation of kerabala, an ayurvedic formulation (third phase preparation)Rs. 2,64,1756 months2020-2021An industry linked collaborative project (MoU with GLOWDERMA LAB PVT LTD., Mumbai INDIA)
Production and application of biofertilizer using coir pith biomass associated with plant growth promoting endophytic bacteria (PGPERs 100000/-1 year2020-2021Unnat Bharat Abhiyan Cell
Evaluation of Anti-Viral Effect of An Ayurvedic Tablet (Imusil) On COVID-19Rs 1,00000/-1 Year2020- 2021Glowderma Lab Pvt. Ltd Mumbai.
Nutraceuticals Supplementation Improves Cisplatin-Induced Delayed Gastric Emptying and Functional Dyspepsia condition: Possible Role in Intestinal Tryptophan Hydroxylase 1 Activity and Regulatory Hormonal LevelsRs 2,50000/-3 years2021-2023Akay Flavours & Aromatic Pvt. Ltd. Kochi
Immunomodulatory action of febrojith an Ayurvedic formulation for managing chronic inflammation and pyrexia: Possible role in molecular pathwaysRs 1277200/-1 Year2022The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (Coimbatore) Ltd.
Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-mastitis effect of Ethno-veterinary formulation: possible role in inflammatory Signaling cascadesRs.
1 year2023- ongoingNational dairy development board,
Govt. of India
Name of FacultyTitle of the ProjectFunding Agency & YearAmount
Dr. Ison V.
An efficient solar desalination plant for small scale use in remote villages, coastal regions and polluted cities for the production of drinking waterUGC
Dr. Vincent MathewQuantum mechanical modeling of nanoscale mosfets using Green’s function methodUGC
Dr Sunny MathewPreparation and characterization of plasma polymerized aniline thin filmsUGC
Dr. Michael AugustineSimulation of wave propagation in magnetically tunable nonlinear waveguide structures containing ferrite filmsUGC
Prof. Raju Mathew TElectrical Characterization of ZnO nanostructure thin films by two step chemical bath deposition techniqueUGC
35, 000
Dr. Ison V. VanchipurackalSwift heavy ion induced intermixing of CdTe/CdS bilayers for solar photovoltaic applications.UGC
Dr. Simon AugustineEffect of annealing on structural, electrical and optical properties of pure and doped ZnO thin films under different oxygen partial pressuresUGC
Dr. Sunny MathewElectrical and optical properties of ZnO nanostructured Thin Films for gas sensorsUGC
Dr. Ison V. VanchipurackalInvestigating Photo induced charge transfer between semiconductor nano crystals and polymers for photovoltaic applicationsDST
Prof. Antony SimonMonte Carlo Simulation of Cell MigrationUGC
70, 000
Dr. Ginson P JosephStudies of the Physico-Chemical Properties of organometalic NLO crystals for photonics device fabricationUGC