Department of Hindi

St. Thomas College Palai is a Government aided college of higher education located in Pala Town, Kerala, India and it was founded on 7th August 1950. In 1957 the first Hindi Post Graduate course started in this college. During this time  M.A. studies in Hindi weren’t offered anywhere in South India, except in Hyderabad. 1971, when the University of Kerala had given approval to this department as a language Department. The growth of this department based on the selfless spirit of service and foreseeing vision of the former and present teachers of this department and of their efficiency. Among these predecessors Dr.N.R.Eladom is the first to be acknowledged, the post of South India’s first local Hindi Research Director, who has completed 31 Ph.D scholars from St. Thomas College.

                The Department is the first Research Centre of St. Thomas College, Palai. In 1970, the University of Kerala approved our Department as a recognized Research Centre. The foundation was laid by Dr.Eladomiji in the research area of St.Thomas College. This approval was implemented by the entire state of Kerala.

                When MG University formed in Kottayam, 1990, the first Hindi Research for Ph.D was centralized in St. Thomas College Hindi Department. At present we have awarded 87 Ph.D Scholars. We are thankful to the Almighty for this wonderful achievements.

Our Department is-

  • The first Research Centre among the College Departments of the entire state to be recognized as an approved Centre.
  • Our Department is the first Research Department under Mahatma Gandhi University which firstly produced a Ph.D in Humanities, in 1990.
  • It is also the first Department of St. Thomas College, Palai, that has produced 87 Ph.D’s till date.
  • Our Department is the first Department in Kerala where all members of the faculty are adorned with a Ph.D Degree.
Department of Hindi