NCC Army Wing


Established in 1952 under the Kerala and Lakshadweep Directorate, the NCC Army Wing at St. Thomas College, Palai, boasts a rich heritage of service and leadership development. Currently affiliated with the 17 Kerala Battalion NCC, the Pala unit holds a prestigious position within the Kottayam Group of the Kerala and Lakshadweep Directorate. With 160 active members, the unit remains an integral part of the college’s ethos and extracurricular fabric.

Heritage and Mission

The NCC Army Wing at St. Thomas College, Pala, upholds a proud heritage of over seven decades, dedicated to the holistic development of its cadets. Committed to its mission, the unit relentlessly pursues the following objectives:

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Foster character strength
  • Promote comradeship
  • Imbibe the spirit of sportsmanship
  • Instill the ideals of service

Affiliation and Contribution

Affiliated with the 17 Kerala Battalion NCC, the Pala unit actively contributes to the Kottayam Group’s endeavors. Through a myriad of activities and initiatives, the unit strives to cultivate a pool of disciplined and well-trained individuals capable of contributing effectively to the nation during times of exigency. Additionally, the unit prepares students for potential commissions within the armed forces, nurturing a spirit of patriotism and duty towards the nation.

Activities Overview

  • World Environment Day (5th June):

    140 children participated in environmental initiatives, including a rally and river cleaning drive.

  • International Yoga Day (21st June):

    Grand celebration promoting physical and mental well-being.

  • Cadet Enrollment (14th July):

    Welcoming a new cohort of first-year NCC cadets under the leadership of Colonel Michael Raj.

  • Independence Day Celebrations and Blood Donation Campaign (14th August):

    • Inaugurated by Smt Josin Bino, Municipal Chairperson of Pala, and Col. MP Dinesh, administrative officer from the 17 Kerala Battalion NCC.
    • Compelling addresses delivered by Dr. James John, Principal of St. Thomas College Palai, Lt. Tojo Joseph, Associate NCC Army Wing Officer, and Shibu Thekkematom, President of Pala Blood Forum.
    • 76 individuals voluntarily contributed to the blood donation campaign, showcasing unwavering commitment to patriotism and community welfare.
  • Collaborative Cleaning Campaign (1st October):

    Joint initiative with Pala Municipality for city-wide cleanliness.

  • Republic Day Celebration (26th January):

    Joint celebration with NCC Army and NCC Naval Wings, showcasing national unity.

  • NCC B and C Certificate Exam hosted by the NCC Army wing of St Thomas College Palai


  • Arjun S Ravindra participated in the Republic Day parade and the national guard team. He was one among five cadets selected from South India. During Republic Day parade, this team was given Guard of Honour to Prime Minister, Defence Minister, Director General NCC, Chiefs of Army, Navy, and Air Staffs.

  • Jagannath PS represented St. Thomas College Pala in the national-level Competition in Map Reading at Thal Sainik Camp.


The reporting period epitomizes the dedication and commitment of the NCC Army Wing 17 Kerala Battalion at St. Thomas College, Pala. With a legacy spanning over seven decades, the unit continues to inspire generations of cadets to embody the ideals of leadership, service, and patriotism.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, the NCC Army Wing at St. Thomas College, Pala, remains steadfast in its mission to mold future leaders and contribute meaningfully to society. Through a diverse range of activities and initiatives, the unit endeavors to uphold its legacy of excellence and service to the nation.

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