The first alumni meet for the Department of Commerce (SF) at St. Thomas College Palai on March 9, 2024, saw a notable turnout of 79 former students and esteemed former teachers, creating a nostalgic atmosphere. Current faculty members actively participated, fostering continuity between past and present members. 11 present students showcased the vibrant spirit of the current student body through various roles. The program commenced with a prayer song and a warm welcome speech by Mr. Subin Thomas, the HOD. Rev. Fr. Roshan Chacko emphasized alumni engagement’s significance in departmental growth. Dr. P. D. George and Mrs. Sonia M. Thomas acknowledged alumni and faculty contributions. Discussions centered around career achievements and personal growth, fostering networking and reminiscing shared experiences. A soulful group song performance by present students added a musical touch to the event. 11 alumni executives were appointed to lead future alumni activities, ensuring continued collaboration. The program concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks by Mrs. Mariya Jose, expressing gratitude for enthusiastic participation, fostering camaraderie and laying the groundwork for future collaborations.

Department Of Commerce ( SF )