Code of Conduct

Attendance And Leave Of Absent

Attendance will be marked at the beginning of each period by the teacher engaging the class. Late-comers may be given or refused attendance for the period, or marked late, at the discretion of the teacher concerned. If a student is absent for one hour, it will be treated as absence for half a day and if his absence is for two or more hours, it will be treated as absence for one full day.

A student requiring leave for a particular period may be granted such leave by the teacher concerned. Application for leave for more than a period must be made to the Principal in the prescribed form by 10 a.m.  When absence is due to some unforeseen cause, the application should be submitted as early as possible, and in no case later than the first day of the student’s return to the college.

Absence without leave from any examination or from the composition or practical work will be reported by the teachers concerned to the Principal. Leave of absence from a term examination should be obtained from the Principal.

A student absenting himself from the college even for a day should submit the leave application to the Principal, duly signed by the lecturer in-charge.

A student absenting himself for a period exceeding five working days, whether with leave or without leave, should on his return to the college, report to the Principal.

A student absenting himself without leave for more than ten consecutive days will have his name removed from the rolls and he may be re-admitted on payment of college dues, if any.

Application for leave must be countersigned by the student’s guardian and recommended by the Tutor or the Teacher-in- charge of attendance or the H.O.D. and is to be submitted to the principal immediately after the return from his/her leave. For hostel students, the warden’s recommendation is sufficient.

General Discipline

The following guidelines are issued in order to help the students to conduct themselves courteously and in accordance with the highest standards of mannerly behavior.

  • Every morning we begin our work with a prayer song. Come to attention when the song begins and keep standing till it ends, wherever you are in the campus, whether in the class or outside. Classes will be held from 10.00 a.m. to 13.00 hrs and 13.50 hrs to 15.50. The time, from 9.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. and 16.00 to 17.00 hrs will be tutorial time.
  • Every student shall behave and conduct himself in the college and the hostel in a dignified and courteous manner and should be respectful to the teachers.
  • Consumption of narcotic drugs, tobacco, alcohol etc. is strictly prohibited in the campus and the hostel and action will be initiated against those who are found to have consumed them.
  • Students are prohibited from indulging in anti-institutional, anti-national, anti-social, communal, immoral or political expressions and activities within the campus and hostel.
  • Learning not to damage property whether public or private is one of the primary requirements for a civilized behaviour. Students shall not disfigure/damage or destroy public or college properties. In the event of such damage or destruction the cost of such properties will be recovered from the concerned student/students. Disciplinary action will also be taken against the delinquents.
  • Silence shall be maintained in the college library and the premises of the office.
  • Unauthorized entry of outsiders into the campus as well as the hostel is strictly prohibited. Without specific permission of the authorities, students shall not bring outsiders to the college or the hostel.
  • No one shall bring, distribute or circulate any notice, pamphlet, leaflet etc within the campus or the hostel. The possession, distribution or exhibition of any object which is per se obscene within the campus or the hostel is also actionable offence.
  • Politically based students organizations or outfits are not allowed in the campus. Students are strictly prohibited from organizing, attending or participating in any activity or agitation sponsored by the politically based student organizations.
  • Nobody shall exhibit any type of banners, flags, boards etc. inside the campus, gates, walls an on the compound walls. Similarly, students are prohibited from disfiguring the walls of the college building. Except with the specific permission of the principal, no student shall collect money either by request or by coercion from others within the campus or the hostel.
  • The college being a temple of learning and an exclusive academic zone, nobody shall respond to any call for any form of strike or agitation including slogan shouting, dharna, gherao, burning in effigy or indulge in anything which may harm the peaceful and serene atmosphere of the institution and shall eschew from violence within the campus and hostel.
  • Any student who is found to exert undue influence on fellow students will be strictly dealt with.
  • No student will enter or leave the class room when the session is on without the permission of the teacher.
  • Students absenting themselves without submitting proper leave application for more than ten working days will have their names removed from the rolls. They may be readmitted only at the discretion of the principal.
  • Usage of mobile/cell phones within the campus is prohibited. Violation of the ban would entail seizure of the same with fine. Misuse of IT including e-mails is also strictly prohibited.
  • There is a students’ grievance redressal cell in the college. In case the students have any grievance or complaint they may approach the Head of the Department first and if not satisfied, the principal. The principal will at his discretion refer the matter to the student’s grievance redressal cell consisting of the Vice-principal, one HOD and one senior teacher nominated by the principal.
  • Students who are charged in criminal offence or are under suspension will not be allowed to enter the college campus without the permission of the principal.
  • The Principal shall have power to declare holiday for the college if he is satisfied that peaceful academic functioning of the college cannot be carried on.
  • Any case of criminal activity or violation of law and order in the college campus will be reported to the police and the police shall register case and initiate action against the offenders.
  • The terms and conditions of admission and the code of conduct are included in the college calendar issued to the students and are binding on the student. In the application form for admission an undertaking shall be given by the student and the parent accordingly.
  • In the matter of internal discipline the decision of the principal shall be final.
  • Students should not throw litter in the campus; rather place them only in the waste bins. This campus is yours and you are duty bound to keep it clean.
  • Students are expected to be properly dressed. Showing clothes are to be avoided. Lady students are expected to show womanly dignity in their dress and general behaviour.
  • Students are not permitted to drive their two-wheelers into the prohibited area. They are to be parked behind the Jimmy George Stadium.
  • Any student who is persistently insubordinate, who is repeatedly or willfully mischievous, who is guilty of fraud or mal-practice in connection with examinations or who, in the opinion of the principal, is likely to have an unwholesome influence on his fellow students, shall be removed from the rolls. The removal shall be either temporary or permanent according to the gravity of the offence.
  • Rise from your seats when the teacher enters the class room and remain standing till he takes his seat or till you are allowed to sit down. Greet your teacher appropriately when the teacher enters the class. Rise again and say ‘Thank you, Sir/madam’ when the teacher leaves the classroom.
  • Nothing is more appreciated in a student than courteous and mannerly behaviour. Greet your teachers when you meet them inside and outside the campus. Do not tuck up your dhothi when you are in the campus. Please note, it is a rude behaviour to enter a room without being asked to, not to say ‘Thank you’ when something is done for you, to jump queues, to scramble for seats in the bus, to get past a person at a door or passage without saying ‘Excuse me’ or not to say ‘sorry’ when you have bumped into someone.

  • Students are expected to spend their free hours in the Library/Reading Room. They should not loiter along the verandahs or crowd at the gate or in the main road.
  • All types of Ragging are strictly prohibited.